Sell the need, never sell the product – Andrew Tate

0:28 Sell the need, do not sell the product

0:44 Let’s look at my products compared to the other dorks who sell stuff online

2:35 If I had a coffee shop: Tired? Nice warm coffee (sell the need)

4:16 Do you know why legality is not real? Defies Rule #1 of the Hustler’s University: speed

4:57 Do your business based on trust and cash, not contracts

5:16 Mutual interest is better than contracts: it is good for me if I do my part, it is good for him if he does his part

6:30 A contract is a piece of paper that means nothing unless you enforce it, which is slow and very expensive

7:14 Make sure your partners need you, and make sure you need your partners

8:46 Hire a second in command who is loyal to you, make them feel important, keep 100% control of your company

9:24 Every purchase is an impulse purchase

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