❤️ Heartbeat Moments Preview

Save your favorite moments as you watch YouTube videos so you do not forget them!

For example:

0:31Heartbeat Moment 1Dimash has amazing vocal range
0:40Heartbeat Moment 2Higher octave
0:53Heartbeat Moment 3Even higher octave
1:04Heartbeat Moment 4Highest octave

This is important.


Heartbeat Moments saves you time

When you want to go back to that exciting clip you saw and now want to share with your friends or just watch it again because it was so cool, you can find it quickly with Heartbeat.

Featured Dimash video (cover): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anKmU1J0l9g

Original Russian artist music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-qZD6XHVCA

❤️ What is Heartbeat?

YouTube is the world’s video library
Heartbeat is the world’s memories

CEO explains Heartbeat in 2023


0:26 – How it works
1:13 – What is the point?
2:48 – Just press H
3:05 – Heartbeat Photos
3:42 – Viki (video wiki)
5:16 – Dubai Properties
5:49 – Summary
7:58 – Shake and shave!
8:14 – Final words by George
8:49 – Freedom! mission statement

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