What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a creator’s wet dream!

Heartbeat pays everyone

Heartbeat pays everyone, even contributors who fix a single spelling mistake. We do this not by splitting the creator share, but instead by splitting the Heartbeat platform share with contributors so that creators make exactly the same amount of money (the 55%) whether or not they accept help from others to improve their work. Only Heartbeat earns less profit by paying contributors from its platform fee (the 45%). But our net profit will be far more if we split our platform share with contributors because it incentivizes everyone to help improve the content on Heartbeat which brings more organic traffic and notoriety, exactly like Wikipedia enjoys. But Wikipedia does not pay anyone, it is 100% volunteer based, and that is how we will stand out, by paying everyone fairly.

Heartbeat is “the YouTube that once was”

Heartbeat brings back networks, subnetworks and policies YouTube abandoned or changed for the worse (to benefit advertisers and hurt creators). One of those policies is YouTube’s infamous 4k1k rule which removed monetization from all channels with less than 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers with no regard to the quality of their content. Heartbeat aims to eliminate that rule and allow creators to monetize their first piece of content added to Heartbeat, as YouTube once did.

Heartbeat is a publishing platform for creators of all sizes

Heartbeat is a platform for creators, big and small, and a video social network that allows all creators to monetize their content with no artificial thresholds (i.e. no 4k1k rule) and no minimum payouts (if you earn $0.01 you get paid $0.01) unlike YouTube which will not pay you until you earn $100.

Your voice matters

On Heartbeat, you control everything you write. No one will edit your content. On https://vi.ki it is the “best of all worlds”, a community voting process to create content from everyone else’s best content, just like Wikipedia. Your voice matters and your voice combines with others on Viki.

Real time

See articles as they are being written. Jump in and fix spelling mistakes in real time. Chat with the author and editors in a sidebar. Come to the Heartbeat home page and see “10 articles are being written right now” then go see them being written. See people writing comments as they type. Heartbeat is alive!


Edit everything you see in-place, no separate “Edit” screen. Like Google Docs has no “Edit” screen, you can just click and start typing on any Heartbeat page!


Not just video, but interactive pages!

For example:

Heartbeat combines video, text and photos into one

Heartbeat seamlessly combines video, text and photos where anyone can see the paragraph they are reading. We can convert all of Wikipedia to a Viki (a video wiki) just as we converted this Wikipedia page: https://vi.ki/video/star-blazers Try clicking timecodes in “What is Star Blazers” which is a verbatim copy-paste from Wikipedia with the timecodes added by a Heartbeat creator.

Heartbeat connects strangers based on common interest

Heartbeat connects strangers based on common interest as a matchmaking service for people, not a dating website, although personal relationships can form from Heartbeat matchmaking. The principle is: if I am creating moments about cooking a duck and you are creating moments about cooking a duck, we clearly have a shared interest in cooking. Heartbeat will connect these two people and encourage them to start a conversation. Friendships are best created from a common interest, romantic relationships too but that is a side effect on Heartbeat not the focus.

Heartbeat saves you time

Heartbeat saves you time. YouTube has too many videos, and it takes too long to find content you want to watch. With the Heartbeat Moments Chrome extension, we save people time by letting them quickly capture only the exciting moments as they watch any video on YouTube (by just pressing H to create a Heartbeat Moment at any time), save them, share them and discover new moments by following other heartbeats with similar interests on https://h.ki (pronounced “H key” the same hotkey you press to create a moment and the reason we bought this domain!)

Heartbeat is a grand vision

Let’s build it together!

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