Google is deleting your Google Accounts for inactivity

Did you miss the email Google sent you about deleting your Google Account for inactivity?

I almost missed mine and I made this video so you do not!

See if Google emailed you about deleting your account

📹0:35 Simply copy-paste the following into your gmail search box:

subject:("sign in to your google account") [email protected]

This will find all emails from Google about deleting your Google Accounts for inactivity so you can take action and keep them.

Another tip

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0:35 – Find the emails about deleting your accounts
1:15 – Reserve your Heartbeat handle at
1:41 – Why Heartbeat?
3:17 – Your videos suck (Mr. Beast)
3:38 – Heartbeat Photos
4:20 – Heartbeat extension
6:10 – Heartbeat Studio
7:07 – Final words by George
11:33 – Mission statement

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