All Heartbeat features – No fluff

Everything in Heartbeat, no fluff.

0:02 Avatar menu
0:04 Light mode
0:05 Dark mode
0:08 Type in your browser to open Heartbeat
0:12 Get Heartbeat extension
0:15 See the Channel ID on any YouTube channel
0:20 Press H while watching any video on YouTubeto crea te a moment
0:33 Click the Heart to see all your moments
0:43 To show the Heart, click Pin in the puzzle piece
0:51 Control the video by seeking 2 or 10 seconds
0:55 Edit a moment
0:59 Tweak a moment start time
1:08 Skip 1 frame at a time to get the precise time!
1:16 Delete a moment
1:20 See all your moments
2:12 Skip any ad on YouTube: replace “com” with “” in browser address bar
2:25 “Community” shows other people’s moments
2:47 Heartbeat goal: Connect strangers on common interest in video moments
2:55 Search for someone
3:06 Reserve your handle so no one takes it
3:18 “Follow” button
3:31 To click “Follow”, first sign in with your Google Account
3:40 See all the moments of the people you follow
3:47 Unfollow by clicking “Follow” again
3:56 Copy someone else’s moments as your own to edit
4:07 Copy as YouTube Chapters
4:25 Auto-imports YouTube Chapters
5:10 Long-play music videos are especially useful
6:03 “Favorite” button
6:22 Remove a favorite
6:30 Share any moment
6:43 Monetization in Heartbeat Studio
7:39 H is Heartbeat
8:06 Viki vs Wikipedia
8:22 Wikipedia is boring without video
8:36 Viki difference: see what you read
9:26 Heartbeat is a creator’s wet dream!
9:37 What is missing from Wikipedia? Video
9:41 What is missing from YouTube? Something meaningful to read
10:01 is the same H key hotkey you press to create a moment while watching any video on YouTube
10:11 Not a coincidence that matches H key, more memorable
10:19 X and H, Elon Musk X (formerly Twitter) and H is Heartbeat, two great single-letter brands!


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