Heartbeat Studio

Like YouTube Studio https://studio.youtube.com

  • Analytics (views and watch time) for all your Heartbeat content
  • Monetization (users choose what content to monetize and what not to)

Heartbeat does not stream video, it embeds YouTube videos for the following benefits:

  1. No video bandwidth cost
  2. So we do not position ourselves as a YouTube competitor, instead Heartbeat helps YouTube and YouTubers grow their channels
  3. No video ads

For the 3rd point, see:

Estimated revenue

Revenue we receive from any ads on a page * 55% (we pay 55% to the creator same as YouTube)

Or, revenue we assign to that page * 55% (when we put our own ads we can manually assign a CPM like $0.10 since we do not pay ourselves)

Math: 100 views * $0.10 CPM = 100 * 0.10 / 1000 = $0.01 gross revenue * 55% rev share with creators = $0.0055

The “/ 1000” comes from CPM (cost per thousand views) so $0.10 CPM = $0.10 / 1,000 views

Watch time

Since watch time is such an important metric on YouTube:

  • Track watch time and views for moments with or without an end time
  • Track traffic source: Chrome extension or our heartbeat.love site or embedded (when we support embedding)
  • Watch time is “how long a user watched” not “what is the end-time in the moment”
  • As soon as a user starts watching a moment, we record every millisecond until (if there is an end time) the end time is reached, or the user clicks another moment, or skips ahead in the video or closes the session (navigates to another page, closes the tab). If he pauses we pause and if he plays again, we continue measuring
  • Track “video watch time” of any video that user created a moment in which is a separate metric from “moment watch time”. That way, creators can see how long the audience watched a video vs. how long they watched their moments in that video


Moments have views tracked separately from the video views.

For example, if I watch Moment 1, then click Moment 2, then click Moment 1 again all in the same video:

  • Video only gets 1 view
  • Moment 1 gets 2 views
  • Moment 2 gets 1 view

Keep YouTube’s counters separate from ours. Heartbeat views on a video start at 1 which is different from YouTube’s viewcount for the same video.

This way, we can show creators how many views users of Heartbeat created, and how much watch time, separate from YouTube.

Basic analytics like “Views” and “Watch time” for every moment

We want our Heartbeat Analytics to be accurate and not easily gamed by repeatedly clicking your own moment 50 times.

“Unique views” is how many different people viewed your moment.

“Views” includes repeated views by the same person who goes back to view your moment over time.

Let’s use 2 seconds as the cooldown period because moments are short, and it is common to go back to a moment quickly like “What did he say? Let me hear that again” or “That is an awesome drum beat, let me hear that again!” which are legitimate views unlike spam-clicking every second just to artificially inflate views.

Track surges in views

Notify users when their videos embedded on Heartbeat get a surge in views, like George’s got https://heartbeat.love/moment/mohqm2ucu

YouTube permissions

Get YouTube permissions from users with Google OAuth to view their YouTube channel analytics in Heartbeat Studio so we can track their views (we already have this permission for channels partnered with Freedom!)

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