My name is Aviendha!

This is the Avi we named our daughter after, from the Wheel of Time series of books by Robert Jordan, now produced as a show on Amazon Prime.

0:05 My name is Aviendha
0:42 Attack all at once, one at a time and she will have you
1:02 Avi laughs when Perrin tries to protect her
1:09 Avi asks “Do you like to dance?”
1:29 Fight starts with Aviendha and the Whitecloaks

By “we” I mean George Vanous and Xiaoyu Wang, father and mother of Aviendha Vanous, our own warrior princess named after the same character in the books.

See also on Heartbeat Moments

See also on Heartbeat Moments

The key point is where she says “My name is Aviendha” at 0:05.

In the Wheel of Time books, Aviendha is from a people who are trained all their lives to be warriors, and they live in a land with little water and lots of heat (basically a desert)

They are the world’s best fighters, and they normally keep to themselves, rarely leaving their homeland.

Aviendha is our warrior princess, who we named after this character from the books because Avi came out as a fighter born 7 weeks early where she had to struggle outside mommy’s tummy from birth, and came out pretty big and strong today!

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