Making money strategies – Andrew Tate

0:23 You need to pay attention to every single time you spend money

0:27 You cannot make money. You are not the government. Governments make money. All of us take money from somebody else.

0:37 The easiest way to learn how to get good at taking money is to pay attention to every time someone takes money from you.

1:57 Step 1: Pay attention, then you will notice money is everywhere

2:52 There is plenty of money in the world. People with no money are just not very good at taking it.

3:26 You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.

4:00 Step 2: Join a network of people who make money, share your ideas, get extra “eyes” that help you find ways to make money

4:33 Step 3: Identify why you do not have as much money as you want so far, one of three reason: Lazy, Stupid, Arrogant

4:56 Making money is PvP: player vs player. If you want that beautiful girl, so does everybody else.

6:03 You work 8 hours a day? Just 8?

6:13 Driving my Bugatti Chiron through Dubai

6:52 Next is stupid.

7:04 Slave minds can never be rich. Everything the media tells you is designed to make you broke.

7:40 Pay half your money in life to tax. If you are rich you won’t listen to the government.

8:26 Anyone who follows the rules does not get rich.

8:48 Arrogant: the main reason most people are broke because they are arrogant.

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