FusionFix for GTA 4 | Mod Loader, Enhancing Graphics & Gameplay

FusionFix is the ultimate mod for Grand Theft Auto 4 and Episodes from Liberty City on PC!

It fixes many GTA 4 issues, such as the infamous Z-Fighting bug 2:18 (fixed 2:28) caused when the hi-def and LOD models are loaded at the same time.

Issues fixed

0:36FiltersNo filter vs TLAD vs TBOGT
1:45TreeFXEliminates fake imposter tree shadows enabling real, dynamic leaf shadows
2:18Z-Fighting bugCaused when the hi-def and LOD models are loaded at the same time
2:28Fixed Z-FightingHow it looks when fixed by FusionFix
2:52Rain visibilityRain never looked so good in GTA 4, also while driving 2:57!
3:14Graphics qualityMixing FusionFix with ConsoleVisuals greatly improves graphics quality

More issues fixed

  • Textured water
  • Remade bloom shaders
  • Fixed LOD fading
  • Improved volumetric light shafts
  • Native FXAA

Source: Heartbeat Photos


FusionFix fine-tunes GTA 4 gameplay mechanics and improves graphics quality.

3:27 Thanks to ThirteenAG, CP, Tomas., Sneed, ermaccer, Parallellines, akifIe47, robi29, RaphaelK12, Attramet, Ash_735, Magic_Al who worked on this project!

Special thanks to Zolika1351 for porting this mod to GTA 4 Patch and Get ready for a polished and visually stunning GTA 4 experience like never before!

Download links

FusionFix for OG Release (
FusionFix for RGL (Complete Edition)https://github.com/ThirteenAG/GTAIV.EFLC.FusionFix
Grand Theft Auto IV Vehicle Pack 2.0https://gtaforums.com/topic/887527-ash_735s-workshop/page/5/#comment-1072121736
Console Visualshttps://gtaforums.com/topic/989098-console-visuals-the-complete-edition/
2DFX 4.3 for OG Release (
2DFX for RGL (Complete Edition)https://github.com/ThirteenAG/III.VC.SA.IV.Project2DFX/releases/tag/gtaiv


AuthorGeorge Vanous
Video creatorGravarty
GameGrand Theft Auto 4


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