Four main ways to make money

Four ways to make money:

1. Exchange your time for money
2. Sell information
3. Sell a product or service
4. Money to make money

0:39 Time for money

1:18 The problem is: you only have a certain amount of time so giving up time for money means you will never make more than your hourly rate

1:54 Information for money

2:06 Make a video one time then monetize it forever over time (not just on YouTube)

2:49 If you have information and you can get attention, you will be rich

3:51 Establish credibility so people can trust you

4:24 Product or service for money

5:05 DIfficult because most products or services are monopolized

5:29 Unless you build a brand that people trust

6:00 Put something else to do the work for you

6:13 To keep their time free, they make other people give up their time for money.

6:50 Make your money work for you

7:16 You can only live off money if you already have a lot of money

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