Egwene vs Ishamael – Full fight – Wheel of Time s02e08

Final epic fight between Egwene vs. Ishamael with everything else cut out of the episode!


0:00Egwene vs Ishamael – Start
0:05Egwene enters
0:09You cannot face down one of the Chosen, child
0:12Egwene cannot stop after what she experienced as a Damane slave
0:14First attack by Ishamael that should have flattened Egwene
0:18Egwene breathes a sigh of relief and now knows she can face down one of the Chosen
0:23Egwene takes a step forward, surprising Ishamael
0:37Ishamael is stronger
0:57Egwene’s shield fails for a moment
1:15Together they are stronger than Ishamael


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Who is Ishamael?

Ishamael is called a “Forsaken” by those fighting the Dark One, like Egwene.

He calls himself a “Chosen” also by those supporting the Dark One.

Who is Egwene?

Egwene is a novice trainee at the White Tower from the Two Rivers, one of the most powerful channelers of Saidar the world has ever seen. But not trained, just raw power.

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