Copyright claim released on Freedom! – How we did it

We successfully disputed an Amazon copyright claim on our video above in just 1 hour after uploading the video to YouTube.

The short clip at 1:18 from The Wheel of Time created the copyright claim, a show airing on Amazon Prime, which is why Amazon created the copyright claim.

Amazon quickly released it after we shared the following context with Amazon using the YouTube copyright dispute process.

Fair use reason shared with Amazon that worked

I am teaching YouTubers how to convert YouTube Shorts to regular videos and how to create clips using Heartbeat Moments. I featured a few seconds of a scene from The Wheel of Time during my educational tutorial which I believe qualifies as fair use. Can you release your Content ID claim, as I spent a lot of time and energy creating this video and every dollar counts to help create these videos!

This reason worked and Amazon released their copyright claim in a few hours.

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