Be useful

“Be useful” is our Heartbeat mission statement and our brand promise: To be useful to you!

For example:

  • 0:16 Auto-generate chapters for 1-hour long-play YouTube music videos with Heartbeat Moments
  • 7:00 Clickless gallery for your photos with Heartbeat Photos

For example: Oooh, pretty girl at 2:18 – Bookmark her!

Try it yourself

Heartbeat Momentshttps://heartbeatmoments.comJust press H while watching any YouTube video to capture your favorite video moments
Heartbeat Photoshttps://heartbeat.photosA better way to view your photos than Google Photos or Apple Photos on iCloud

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0:16 – Get YouTube chapters from comments!
2:18 – Oooh, pretty girl – bookmark her!
5:42 – Try it yourself: get Heartbeat Moments
6:10 – Heartbeat Photos is useful
8:34 – Heartbeat Viki is useful
10:41 – Heartbeat helps you make money
13:14 – Final words by George
16:18 – Freedom! mission statement

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