3 times Tom Cruise proved his superiors wrong (Top Gun: Maverick best scenes) πŸŒ€ 4K

0:10 Admiral Cain is asking, ordering that we bring her down
0:23 This is where we had problems with the comms, sir. It is called β€œEarth bulge”
1:01 He is the fastest man alive
2:22 Come on!
2:34 Mach 10
2:40 Put that in your Pentagon budget, sir
3:19 You have some balls, stick jockey. I will give you that
3:27 Oh shit
3:36 Setting time to target 2m15s. 215 that’s impossible!
3:58 2m15s starts now
5:41 intense!
6:05 Bulls-eye, holy shit
6:29 Football attack and defense at the same time
8:00 What is this? Dogfight football, offense and defense at the same time
8:15 Why are we out here playing games? You said to create a team. There is your team

TODO: Add more moments

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