Heartbeat supercategories for trusted members only

Now that we are starting to get quality content on Heartbeat, we need a better way to organize it so everyone can easily find what interests them, not just by text search.

Build our “rep” system to recognize trusted members who consistently show good behavior on Heartbeat.

Give trusted members (like George) permission to edit supercategories, such as:

+ Lost Ark
++ Classes

+ Assassin’s Creed Mirage
++ Gameplay

Users can easily click “Games” then “Assassin’s Creed Mirage” to see all the moments specifically for the new Assassin’s Creed game that launched on Oct 5 2023.

For better SEO, the links are:



Reason: People do not search for “games lost ark” they search for “lost ark” or “lost ark classes” or “lost ark mage”. If our links and <title> elements precisely match search phrases, this SEO brings more organic traffic.

We should also create pages like “lost ark game” or “lost ark mmo” to capture those searches, but we do not want duplicate content. Since we have many editors, we can let different people write in their own voice and publish on different links to “compete against ourselves” especially for popular games like Lost Ark.

Trusted member can define these supercategories and their relationships, then assign moments to each supercategory to build a highly curated collection of moments that are helpful for gamers who want to learn more about specific games or dig deep into a game’s specific mechanics.

YouTube also has supercategories at the top of https://youtube.com (just below the search bar) and at the top-right of suggested videos when watching any YouTube video. Let’s put our supercategories in the same places.

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