Heartbeat Monetization

We advertise within the family, meaning if you use Heartbeat you will be promoted on Heartbeat!

We give back to the community that contributes in any way to Heartbeat.

For example, we promote you if you:

  • Create moments using https://heartbeatmoments.com
  • Upload photos to our clickless gallery at https://heartbeat.photos
  • Write anything like helpful comments or articles
  • Edit anything, like fix spelling mistakes or improve the start-time of a moment to be more precise

If you use Heartbeat, we promote you.

Simple as that.

Where do we monetize?

If you choose “Do not monetize” we respect your choice and do not show ads associated with your content.

But we encourage you to at least enable monetization “within the family” because that helps you grow and helps other creators in the community grow.

On YouTube


YouTube places 3rd party ads in places like the Suggested Videos column regardless of the monetization settings of the video.

On Heartbeat

We are still deciding if we should do the same or if we should only show ads “within the family” for content you specify “Do not monetize”.


We will of course tweak the position and size of ads over time as we measure user happiness.


Heartbeat Studio, being built now, lets you:

  • See all your content in one place (same as YouTube Studio)
  • Choose which content may be monetized and how (within the family or also with 3rd party ads)
  • See analytics: your views and watch time for every piece of content you add to Heartbeat
  • See all your contributions, every edit you made and whether it was approved by the creator

➜ We pay you $0.01 if you earn $0.01, that is our brand promise to you, just as the YouTube that once was.

By now we know YouTube created the 4k1k rule to disable all monetization on all channels until they reach 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, but it was not always that way. You used to be able to make money from the first video you uploaded to a brand new YouTube channel.

Yes, it is still 4k1k on YouTube

If you heard that YouTube reduced the monetization threshold to 3,000 watch hours and 500 subscribers, you are wrong!

It is still 4k1k.


Everyone gets paid fairly

Not just the content creators, all contributors get paid fairly

  • Editors who fix a spelling mistake or rewrite a paragraph
  • Photographers whose images are used in a monetized work
  • Curators whose video moments are used in a monetized work

Revenue splits:

  • 55% to the creator
  • 45% platform share from which we pay contributors (taking nothing away from the creator)

We track each contribution and award HP (Heartbeat Points) to each contributor, then we stack-rank all the HP for a monetized page and split payments monthly to each contributor.

For example:

  • Fix a spelling mistake = 1 HP
  • Choose a better moment to help readers see the paragraph they are reading = 2 HP
  • Rewrite a paragraph to sound better = 3 HP

These HP amounts are dynamic, meaning we will adjust them based on the value added to the monetized work.

More value = more HP

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